Our (Probably Boring) Story

Growing up, I never thought I’d give up playing competitive tennis, but then came pickleball. I, along with the rest of the world, became instantly hooked. For me, the transition happened instantly and felt natural coming from a similar sport. For others who had never picked up a raquet/paddle in their life, they became instantly intrigued by the sport and grew to be competitive players quickly. The only issue we all had was finding a paddle that contained all the features we were looking for to play our best from a brand we wanted to stand behind.

The market was filled with an overwhelming number of subpar paddle options from brands that seemed to prioritize quantity over quality, and there was no paddle blending design with performance from a brand with any identity. So, along came Wickle. What started out as a mission to simply buy a paddle turned into a mission to form a company with a singular focus on creating a small number of meticulously engineered performance paddles with design and brand identity.

With this mission in mind and guided by my engineering background, I set off to find a manufacturer who could make the exact paddles I and other players needed using the highest quality materials to achieve maximum performance, and the highest quality manufacturing equipment/processes to ensure they were paddles we could stand behind. I also searched for a designer who could create designs that matched my vision for the brand. The result is paddles meeting everything we needed and imagined: a design that is simple, yet powerful, and combines all the performance features an Elite player demands in an Elite paddle.

I wanted to create not only the best paddles on the market, but the best brand on the market. This means not only a great product, but great customer service, a great community, and great values. At Wickle, we strive to be the best in all of these areas so that we are a brand anyone can feel confident standing behind. We hope you enjoy our products and can feel the passion we have for our products and customers (you!). Welcome to the Wickle community!