7 Reasons Why Players Love the Wickle Elite I

1. Precision Spin Technology

The Elite I raw carbon fiber face was meticulously engineered to push the limits of USAPA surface roughness compliance so you can achieve the maximum spin possible while still having a paddle that is USAPA approved.

2. Balanced Weighting for Agile Dominance

Achieving the ideal balance between power, agility, and consistency, the Elite I's 7.9oz weight ensures exceptional performance. The weight distribution spread evenly across the paddle prevents excessive concentration in the head or handle, allowing for confident play whether driving, dropping, or volleying the ball.

3. Uncompromised Handle Length

The Elite I's elongated 5.5-inch handle allows you to unleash potent backhand returns without sacrificing the paddle's face size. Ideal for tennis players transitioning to pickleball, this design ensures both power and precision in every shot.

4. Enhanced Core Feel

The high-quality polypropylene honeycomb core utilizes compressed 8mm cells to reduce vibration. This combined with the multi-layer raw carbon fiber face offers unparalleled feel, feedback, and control which enables precise ball placement and predictability off the face without any unexpected dead spots.

5. Design Meets Performance Excellence

No longer settle for the lesser of two choices. The Elite I marries cutting-edge performance with striking design, creating an exceptional paddle that's both visually captivating and functionally superior. Elevate your play with a paddle that leaves a lasting impression.

6. Performance, Priced Right

While competitors often charge $180-300 for performance paddles, we offer premium quality, design, and performance at a reasonable price point. With Wickle, you can trust that you’re getting a paddle engineered to be the best, as we're dedicated to delivering excellence through one meticulously crafted paddle, driven by our extensive research into what players need and demand in a performance paddle.

7. It Comes with the Wickle Benefits

What are the Wickle benefits you may ask? How about free shipping on all orders, a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty, a 30-day flexible return policy, and a company that is passionate about giving its customers the very best. Oh, and lets also not forget about the incredible community of Wickle players you'll be joining.

We Did the Research So You Don't Have To

We created a paddle that blends all the top performance features players need with a great design so that you can feel confident you are playing with the best performing and best looking paddle on the courts.

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