Rave Reviews From the Wickle Community

Community means everything and we're proud to highlight a few players from the Wickle community that have loved their Elite I paddle so much that they've posted or written amazing reviews about it! We'll let them clue you in on what you're missing out on.

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The lyrics say it all. "I said I see it... and I like it... and I want it... yes I do".


Design, spin, power, and control. He fit them all into this video review and we fit them all into our paddle.


The nicest paddle he's ever owned and we would agree.


There's no better serotonin rush than unboxing a Wickle paddle.


The ultimate conundrum after becoming addicted to pickleball. How do I level up my equipment? Hear how she did with Wickle.

Let other players speak for us

Blake White

Great paddle and customer service

I recently discovered this paddle and figured I'd give it a try through their demo program. The paddle turned out to be great... It's a really nice paddle and I was super impressed by the control of it. I was dialing in my third shot drops and dinks with no issues. It also has a good amount of spin and the paddle itself looks pretty cool with the graphics. The last thing I'll say is the customer service has been great as well. I had a few questions about the demo program before purchasing and then some about my order and each time they were super helpful. Great company and great paddle. I hope they come out with more products in the future.

Brian Kurniawan

The best undervalued Paddle in the Market! Great Quality , Great Engineering, Smart Design!

Oh it was… amazing.. let me just give the highest praise to the team that develop it… I tried few other top competitors like selkirk, Joola, Vatic Pro, and they are great paddles but its over valued because of the marketing etc.

I like the paddle is very weight-balanced across all the entire paddle. Which the first thing that people compliment when I let people use it. Second, the grip is just amazing, right thickness and perfect fit.

But deserved all the attention and praise it needed.. 🫶🏻💚

Kevin M

lots of spin

Paddle has lots of spin and good feel off the face. Plus graphic is really cool and striking on the court; got lots of good comments about it. My friend who has been using another carbon fiber paddle tried this and ended up loving it as well



I recently got my hands on this and it's been quite the surprise. The control and precision it provides have really upped my game, making my shots more accurate.

What's even better is the paddle's power, which doesn't feel forced at all. It's comfortable to hold, allowing me to play for long periods without any discomfort.

Juan Pena

Intriguing paddle

A tennis player for 48 years transitioning to pickleball. Had tried various paddles with obviously mixed results. The Wickle Elite really helps me mitigate those mixed results and has increased my consistency tremendously. The grip is perfect for me. The weight and distribution allow me to drive it or drop it. I have shots I didn't know existed. My game has improved tons and continues to do so. Paddle is quick through the air. Doesn't play as a given, it helps develop the areas your concentrating on such that they become legitimate weapons. The carbon fiber face is aggressive. It just does everything well for me. I have easy power, I have control. Pace and depth control are superb. Even the existence of a small shaft on the paddle make this stick special. They do so many small things big, and all the big things done right.

Rafa T

Feel Like a Pro

The design and performance features drew me to initially purchase this paddle. It was such a good decision. I can generate so much spin and power and the design looks even better in person. HIGHLY recommend.

Zach C

Awesome Paddle!

Just received my paddle in this morning and played with it this afternoon. I ended up winning all my matches. The package it came in looked great and the paddle played amazing. I could spin the ball like crazy and the paddle was very controllable while still feeling like I could get power behind the ball.

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